Returning to Normalcy – Finding Permission to Move

I wrote months ago about the weight people gained through over 12 months of COVID isolation and routine change.  It's May 2021 and while COVID is still present, the vaccine and numbers vaccinated have slowed the spread as well as provided many people with the confidence to return to some things that feel normal once again.  It seems that through COVID people either got into the best shape of their lives or they are now facing physical and psychological challenges.  We all cope differently in crisis.

If you're one that gained weight through COVID and as you begin to see the light - restaurants are opening, gyms are holding classes again, and summer is around the corner - taking time to make your plan for success will set you up for success.  What does that mean exactly? Let's spend a few minutes walking through how you can consider setting up your plan.


  1. What is your goal?  This should be a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-limited).  If setting goals feels daunting, consider setting up time with a professional, such as myself, who an ask you questions to help determine what your goal truly is.
  2. How will you get to your goal?  Asking what you need to do to start moving forward - do you need to hire a nutrition coach, find a meal plan, hire a personal trainer, sign up for gym or group fitness classes? How many days a week are you disciplined enough to do it on your own vs needing a little encouragement from a professional so that you can begin and cement a routine that will lead to you achieving your goals?
  3. When will you begin?  Writing down your goals so that you are able to have a starting point can really help individuals know when to "push GO."
  4. Who will hold you accountable? Having someone checking in with you on how you are doing, having someone you touch base with weekly can really put a little fuel on the fire!
  5. Evaluate and Reassess.  Once you set up your goal, voice it, write it down and plan for it. Try it. Then ask yourself after a week, "How am I doing?" In this question be open to changing your goal or reassessing what you need to achieve it.

After so many people have been without movement and especially without a professional checking on their form, now is a great time to get connected with a nutrition coach and personal trainer.  If you feel I am the right fit for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'll get you scheduled today!

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